Transformative Impact Summit

Brings together the world's top change-makers, funders, and policy-makers to:

Spotlight those doing good

Spotlight the work of the world’s most inspiring, impactful, change-makers, and impact organizations.

Break through impact silos

By connecting them to others across the entire impact ecosystem.

Connect founders and change leaders

By providing family offices, impact investors, philanthropists, and VCs the opportunity to truly connect with leaders of world-class impact efforts.

By bringing together those dedicating their lives to making a better world place, and empowering them with exposure, support, connection, and funding, we not only celebrate Transformative Impact, we create it.

Gregory Flipo

TIS Climate Week NYC Speaker
TEDx Organizer
Founder, Sikana Global Education

Transformative Impact Summit Africa Speakers

Here are just a few of the inspiring change-makers, policy-makers, innovators, and investors who will be speaking:

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It's not a conference. It's not a pitch day.

It’s a showcase of world class impact efforts and a chance to connect with some of Africa’s most vital change-makers.

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Where and When

The Transformative Impact Summit will take place in Madinat Al Bahr Business & Spa Hotel, Zanzibar, Tanzania. The event begins on Friday June 7th and concludes on Sunday June 9th, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Making a Difference

About Global Unity

Global Unity is a movement of change-makers, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, indigenous elders, artists, activists, and everyday people who to create a more united humanity.

Our supporters include people from the UN, the World Economic Forum, former chairs of the Word Trade Organization and the father of the founder of Ethereum to leaders in regenerative agriculture, education, impact investing and more.

We launched the Transformative Impact Summit in 2022. as a platform to celebrate & showcase their impact while fostering a collaborative community.

Convening Partners

Impact Tracks

Ecological Transformation

Regenerative Agriculture, Bioregionalism, Food Systems, and Soil

We are all the guardians of our environment and thoughtful approaches to food systems, soil health, water stewardship are needed now more than ever. We’ll explore bioregionalism and other intelligent approaches to regenerative agriculture.

Indigenous and Local Solutions Around the World

Indigenous communities account for 80% of global land stewardship. These organizations have developed unique solutions to their unique and challenging circumstances. We’ll be highlighting their success stories as well as their as we feature leading solutions from Africa, South and Central America, Asia, Oceana, and more.

Energy, Infrastructure and The Built Environment

Explore inspired environmental innovations that help design a healthier planet for all. From clean energy and materials to intentional communities and regenerative villages and beyond.

Economic Transformation

Financial Innovation, Regenerative Finance, and New Philanthropy

Family offices, investors, VC’s and philanthropists want to see their funding drive meaningful impact. Regenerative & Transparent forms of funding have emerged that ensure funds are directed into the hands of those who need it.

Business As A Vehicle For Good

With 2% of global profits going to corporate social responsibility (CSR), business has the potential to be one of the greatest levers of change today. We’ll explore how companies everywhere are providing vital products and services for communities in need.

Institutional Change, Civic Innovation, and Social Justice

Local, national, and global institutions are key players in affecting positive change. Many are creating groundbreaking innovations, from new political parties and tools, to new ways to have the voice of the people heard.

Technological Transformation

Web3, AI & Tech For Good

Web3, Blockchain and AI have all advanced rapidly over the past few years, creating great new capabilities for change. We’ll explore how these technologies are impacting the way we work, exchange value, automate for impact and driven financial freedom.

SDGs, Impact Mapping & Impact Measurement

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a useful framework for focusing our collective efforts, but they are just one among an emerging set of impact categorizations. We’ll explore how we can move from frameworks to impact measurement & coordination.

Cities, Network States, & Civilization Design

Civilization design is the process of choosing the kind of world we want to build together. Traditional cities face new challenges. From Startup cities to Network state/coordi-nation (a hybrid virtual and place-based country united not by geography but purpose), we’ll explore how we can create more idealistic cities and civilizations.

Social Transformation

Impact-Focused Education

Given the rapid rate of change, our educational institutions are struggling to adapt to the needs of students and communities alike. Beyond skill development and employment prep, can we re-imagine how education can align impact, purpose and values into the very fabric of learning.

Health, Mental Health, and Social Connection

Inner change is as much a part of our path forward as outer change. We’ll explore how we can nourish our mental health, foster social connections, and focus on our own grounding, growth, and development to build a world that works for all.

Storytelling, Media, Games & Art

The stories we tell and the channels we communicate through help define the world we create. We can change that narrative for good by amplifying both unheard voices and those fostering a more kind, healthy and regenerative world.

Transformative Impact Summit is a Proud G Corp

Transformative Impact Summit is proud to support Global Unity, an organization with a robust vision for a more united world.

With over 600 change-makers, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, indigenous elders, and regenerative technologists, Global Unity fosters a diverse and impactful community.

Many of our speakers are affiliated with Global Unity, reflecting our shared commitment to positive change. As a G Corp, TIS allocates 1% of its revenues to support Global Unity's mission.

To learn more, please visit:

About Transformative Impact Summit 2023


Transformative Impact Summit was launched by Global Unity, a community of 600+ change-makers, social entrepreneurs, investors, and indigenous elders dedicated to a more united world.

During one of the largest impact gatherings around the world, UN Climate Week in New York city we brought together hundreds of today's leading investors, change-makers, and impact orgs for what some described as "the TED of impact".

More than 70 inspiring speakers included Steven Donziger who took on Chevron in Ecuador and won a $10B judgement, Environental legend John D Liu, Alexander Nicholas, vice president of X Prize Foundation; Tyler Wood, global director, Gravitas Infinitum whose recyclotron can turn waste to fuel while sequestering carbon and many more with panels on Impact from the VC and Family Office Perspectives, Impact-Focused Education, Web3 As A Force For Good, and more. 

2023 Speakers

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